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Instant Pot Smart Wifi Highlights: With 11 Safety Features 2021

The Instant Pot Smart WiFi is the best machine that you can control from your mobile devices when you connect wifi with multiple functions: schedule, adjust cook and monitor the progress of your meals on the go.

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3 Steps To Use A Ninja Cold Brew System Coffee Maker?

Just 3 steps, the Ninja Hot & Cold Brew System. This machine will help you brew the perfect cup. Its advanced thermal flavor extraction technology with Auto-IQ system gives you a flavorful cup of hot or cold beverage. It combines super-rich coffee and tea concentrates with milk to make delicious coffeehouse-style drinks.

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Guide: Adjust and Set Cooking Time on Instant Pot

Guide Instant Pot: Depending on different foods, we need different cooking times, so how to adjust and set cooking time on an instant pot correctly?

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